Renowned for its natural beauty, the Sunshine Coast combines abundant bushland and crystal-clear beaches for the ultimate outdoors experience. Whether you’re new to the coast or have been visiting for years, there’s always something to explore in the gorgeous hinterlands. If you’re deciding on a coastal holiday and want to make the most of your time here, check out our blog about the hidden Sunshine Coast beaches or read below for some ideas of where you can get the best views Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Best views Sunshine Coast has to offer

Mount Coolum

If you’re feeling adventurous, Mt Coolum offers great hiking treks and spectacular 360 degree views of the Sunshine Coast all rolled in one. A hike to the top and back typically takes an hour and a half, though you’ll want to slot more time in to soak up the Sunshine Coast views. Beginning in a leafy forest, you’ll find your trek broadening into shrub land the higher you get, and small glimpses of the gorgeous hinterland peeking through the trees. Though the top is the highlight, there’s plenty of wildlife and vegetation to keep you inspired on your walk.

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View from Mount Coolum of the beach and blue cloudless sky

Emu mountain

For one of the best views Sunshine Coast has to offer without the huge hike attached, consider visiting Emu Mountain.  Roughly a forty-five-minute return walk, Emu Mountain is perfect for families with little ones they’d like to introduce to hiking adventures. Unlike Mt Coolum, Emu Mountain doesn’t have a lot of forestry – in fact, there’s barely a tree in sight. Instead, you’ll find yourself navigating through heathland and shrubbery, and the occasional wildflower. Once you’re at the top, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast. Sadly, there are no emus at Emu Mountain but you might stumble across the odd bush turkey.

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View of Mount Ngungun

Mount Ngungun

Noticeable for its distinctive peaks, the Glass House Mountains are a cluster of thirteen hills that can be seen from the Bruce Highway. Mount Ngungun is one of the most popular mountains to climb as it offers beautiful shrubbery and raw Australian bushland for an authentic trekking experience. Due to its easy inclines and clear paths it’s considered a very family friendly trek, so you can expect it to be quite busy on the weekend. It’s considered the easiest Glass House Mountain to climb and makes for a wonderful trek for before the sunset.

Mooloolaba Beach

Not a fan of hiking? No worries, you can still enjoy beautiful uninterrupted Sunshine Coast views on this gorgeous beach. Bask on the sand or go for an afternoon swim before catching the beautiful sunset that sets on the ocean horizon. Excellent to go with the family or even on your own, Mooloolaba beach is lovely for a walk at any time of the day or night. Mooloolaba has one of the best ocean view Sunshine Coast has to offer and should definitely be considered if you’re looking for a quieter beach.

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Point Cartwright Lighthouse

Located near the Moolooha river, Point Cartwright lighthouse offers stunning Sunshine Coast views of the beautiful rocky beach. At low tide, you can explore the rock pools with the family, which are full of all sorts of exciting critters and marine life. Dolphins and whales are known to frequent the area, so if you’re lucky you just might spot one. For a gorgeous ocean view Sunshine Coast and family activity day all rolled into one, you can’t go wrong with the Point Cartwright Lighthouse.

Point Cartwright Lighthouse beach

Laguna Sunshine Coast lookout

For sweeping 360 degree views of Noosa, this Sunshine Coast lookout is the perfect spot. The Laguna Sunshine Coast Lookout offers breathtaking views of the parkland without the need for a hike as it features a simple extended terrace, Ideal for picnics, this Sunshine Coast lookout has a large grassy hillside that makes the perfect setting space come sunset. However, if you do plan on visiting during the late afternoon, it can get a little bit crowded – which is

Ocean view Sunshine Coast holiday homes

We hope we’ve given you some ideas of where to go to get the best views Sunshine Coast has to offer. If you’d like to explore some of the beautiful sights described in this piece, we offer luxury holiday accommodation in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. You can take a look at some of the holiday houses on the Sunshine Coast we have available or contact us directly if you have any questions.