How to Relax on a Beach Vacation

How to Relax on a Beach Vacation

The whole purpose of going on a vacation is to take a break from the everyday rat race of life, though many people might find it hard to switch off and put their holiday hat on. What might have started off as a mindful respite, can quickly turn into a stress filled frenzy to get rush through an itinerary of action packed activities – which is the exact opposite of how to relax on a beach vacation.

So how can you ensure your vacation leaves you feeling uplifted and energised?

Here are our Top Tips on How to Relax on a Beach Vacation

  1. RESEARCH THE RIGHT BEACH: One of the best things about Queensland is that when it comes to beaches, you’re pretty spoilt for choice. Whether it’s exploring the national parks of Peregian Beach, strolling the secluded shores of Mudjimba, or carving it up on the shores at Coolum, picking the right coastal town to suit your interests can ensure your holiday kicks off on the right start.
  2. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE: Though it might be tempting to check in on work, or to see what your friends are doing, there is something very relaxing about just being in the moment. Take a break to absorb your surroundings, breathe in a bit of sea air, and just…be. If you’re trying to figure out just how to relax on a beach vacation without foregoing all digital communication, allocating a certain time during the day to check emails can be a great to compartmentalise without switching off entirely.
  3. LEAVE SOME ROOM ON YOUR ITINERARY: The whole point of having a vacation is taking some time to breathe, so make sure your schedule isn’t so jam picked that you find yourself racing from one activity to the next. Some of the best moments in life can come from spontaneity. On the flip side, it’s also a good thing to make you do have some activities planned, especially if you’re holidaying with the family during the school holidays. Just remember, pacing yourself is key!
  4. PICK THE RIGHT LOCATION: Relaxing shouldn’t require much effort, so choosing the right location can make or break your holiday. Whether it’s a Hamptons style beach house for a taste of luxury, or a beach front villa with the comforts of home, picking the right place to suit the vibe you’re going for can ensure your holiday stay is as relaxing as possible.
  5. TAKE YOUR PET WITH YOU: If you’re not comfortable leaving your furry friend behind, finding accommodation that’s pet friendly can ensure both you have a stress-free holiday without worrying about finding a sitter, or sending them off to a kennel. Additionally, the money you save on boarding can be better spent on sightseeing activities or eating out. Win win!

Planning your perfect beach vacation?

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