The Three Bays of Coolum

Did you know that there are 3 bays at Coolum Beach? Most people know about 1st & 2nd Bay but until recently 3rd Bay was a secret that only the local knew about. That has all changed recently when the council put in a staircase running from the bush track down the steep terrain to Third Bay.

The stairs are located off the Foreshore Trail which starts at the carpark opposite “The Point” resort at Point Arkwright and follows the cliffs south through the nature reserve all the way to Point Arkwright picnic area.

The Bays are great places to explore the pristine beaches, rock pools and they are very popular with surfers, rock fishing and spear fishing.

Did you know that many of our homes are pet friendly?

At Prestige Holiday Homes we are big animal lovers and we believe that bringing your pet on holidays can enhance the family holiday. What dog does not love the beach? On the Sunshine Coast we have many dog friendly beaches and a few that are Off Leash. To see which of our homes are pet friendly click on the property and it will be advertised in the Features menu at the top of the listing. For details of the Off Leash beaches click on the Sunshine Coast council link

Announcing New Website

We are very excited to announce the creation of our “NEW” website. This is stage one and we are excited to reveal that in addition to this new look there are many new features to come. One new feature will be our “Latest News” blog and monthly newsletter to keep you updated. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page or send us an email to