Best Whale Watching Sunshine Coast

Best Whale Watching Sunshine Coast

Your Guide to the: Best Whale Watching Sunshine Coast

If there is one thing to experience in nature during your lifetime, it’s watching the majestic whales in their natural habitat. According to ancient myth and literature, whales have a significant meaning in many cultures across the world where they have represented power, mystery and nature itself.

In Queensland, you’re likely to see humpback whales along the coast where you’ll be in awe of these gentle giants in the wild from their playful and curious demeanours to their magical songs and athletic prowess. There’s no better way to see these incredible creatures than in their natural habitat, uninhibited during this migration period.

Whale watching Sunshine Coast

Each year, more and more whales migrate along the East Coast with the numbers growing and locals finding it common to have these amazing encounters. In 2020 more than 22,000 humpbacks were expected to travel north from Antarctica to Queensland’s coastline where they will eventually leave by November.

From June to November, it’s whale season Sunshine Coast and it’s the perfect place to witness the incredible whale songs and sounds in person. One of the best reasons to go is the advantage of having a longer whale season Sunshine Coast, where many can observe the unbelievably incredible creatures travel a 10,000km journey from Australian shores to Antarctica with newborn calves in tow. The Sunshine Coast is rapidly becoming one of the best places to experience these iconic mammals in the beautiful waters of our coast and its reputation for this can’t go a miss.

Where to go in whale season Sunshine Coast

On what will be one of the most magnificent encounters you’ll ever have, viewing the humpback whale’s athletic prowess and aquatic abilities whilst on a tour, with friends, family or solo it’s something you can tick off your bucket list without having to go overseas. It’s the perfect activity to experience nature at it’s finest. How much better does it get than that?

Here’s a few of the best spots to go whale watching Sunshine Coast locals and visitors alike love:

Point Perry at Coolum Beach

Just an hours drive from Brisbane, this is the perfect elevated spot to view these gentle giants from land and you won’t even need to book a tour. All you’ll need is some binoculars, a camera and a picnic packed with your favourite nibbles and it’ll be the perfect weekend filled with premier picturesque views.

Point Arkwright Lookout and Picnic Area

Local wedding favourite, this spot is simply breathtaking as you look out and see the point where the hinterlands meet the ocean. Plus, for anyone who is partial to a hike, you can park further away and take the trail on your way to the lookout to see some of the Sunshine Coast’s most spectacular headlands. You could even take a walk to the quaint seaside town at Peregian Beach where you potentially once again could spot some humpbacks.

Once you’re there, be sure to gather all your family and friends to sight these majestic cetaceans as your chances of spotting them here are pretty high. Fun fact: this lookout is actually smack bang in the middle of their migration path.

Alexandra Headland

This coastal town, nicknamed ‘Alex’ by the locals, is the laidback place to be for whale watching Mooloolaba. Mooloolaba is fast becoming arguably one of the best spots for whale watching in Australia and maybe even the world for its prime location, where great whale watching Mooloolaba tours are on offer but also the opportunity to swim (snorkel) with whales. As there’s so much to do here you’d want to spend at least a few days and there’s no better way to do that than relaxing in a holiday home Mooloolaba.

Point Cartwright in Kawana

Located right at the cliff base of Kawana are numerous secret gems, from rock pools to a popular surfing break at the point and during this time of the year it’s a spectacular viewpoint up in the high cliffs for turtles, manta rays and the glorious humpbacks.

Moffat Beach Headland  

You won’t need to be elbowing someone to get a picture at this spot! With panoramic views and a spot for easy access for prams and wheelchairs it’s both accommodating and spectacular for all who want to go whale watching Sunshine Coast.

Dolphin Point at Noosa National Park

Last but certainly not least, this epic section of Noosa National Park is an easily accessible spot where you can be privy to these grand mammals frolicking in the ocean. It’s the perfect place for a day trip where you can try spot a koala around Tea Tree Bay before making your way over to Dolphin Point. If you’re feeling like a challenge then a further walk up to Hell’s Gates needs to be added to your itinerary – plus it’s another chance to watch the whales around Alexandria Bay or Double Island Point and the unimpeded views in this national park are next level.

Looking for the best whale watching Sunshine Coast wide?

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